OCG Divisions

Our professional staff is comprised of entrepreneurs who are both educated and experienced in
every aspect of business from startup to succession and across multiple sectors.

OCG Business Solutions

i. Payroll Solutions
ii. Payment Processing
iii. Custom CRM
iv. Utility Audits/Refunds
v. Chargeback Service

OCG Telecom/IT

i. Business Internet
ii. Business Phones
iii. Cost Reduction
iv. Systems Management
v. Secure Storage
vi. Voice
vii. Conferencing

OCG Energy Solution

i. Procurement
ii. Cost Reduction
iii. Efficiency
iv. Alternative Solutions
v. Innovative Solutions
vi. Cogeneration
vii. LED Retrofits Management

OCG Benefits Group

i. Employee Benefits
ii.Members Benefits

OCG Strategic Advisors

We are a team of Advisors & Consultants committed to helping you get more out of your business

Team Member

Brian S. Wade

Managing Partner

Brian is the Managing Partner of Omega Consultant Group where he leads a team of professional consultants who focus on helping their clients with a myriad of business concerns.

Team Member

Todd Ingraham


I am a true go giver in business and personally. I LOVE helping others achieve their business and personal goals and facilitating real change AND, I'm passionate about Golf.

Team Member

Deon Hefer

Senior Associate

I bring inspiring global perspectives, an intelligence based approach to innovation, and years of problem solving experience dealing with tactical and strategic issues in a variety of industries...

Team Member

Jay Regallis

Senior Associate

Blessed with amazing family, friends and business associates, I am a Christian that is passionate about several areas in my business and personal life, including elder care and volunteering.

Team Member

John Covender

Senior Associate

John is a true Entrepreneur which he learned at an early age of his life. Spending 40 years in the family business; which has been around since the 1960’s, has not only taught hands on experience,...

Team Member

Mark Eakin

Senior Associate

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Know Your Customer

Regardless of what business you’re in, you cannot afford to do business with customers who do not pay. . . learn how to get started now!

When becoming a member of our "business community" you gain access to the sharing of information within multiple industries warning of customers that have a history of "non" or "slow" payment pattern issues. Reducing risk is vital to surviving in the business world today. Knowyourcustomers.com's database allows your company to know the history of a potential customer before engaging into a business transaction!

Take advantage of this opportunity now and move forward with the control you deserve! View the app tour, sign up, use our contact form or call us to set up your profile and START SAVING!